10th anniversary

Ten years of growth.
And looking to the future.

In the first decade of new management, Rubiera has become a benchmark for the production of steel ingots and employs over 150 people: a success that bears the signature of the entire team.

The numbers of the new Rubiera's 10 years

From 75 to 240 million euros billed for a production of 140 thousand tons of steel ingots: the numbers of Rubiera Special Steel at the end of its first decade of new management make it not only a major player in the industrial fabric of Emilia, but also a world leader in the production of quality special steels.

In 2013, the year of Rubiera Special Steel's change of ownership, the turnover touched 75 million euros, 2022 closed with 240 million euros in turnover, and 2023 promises to show results in line with the previous year. Production also saw a major increase: from 80 thousand tons per year of steel produced to 140 tons of ingots alone in 2022, an achievement that only a handful of years ago seemed unattainable. In terms of company size and related induced in the area, the numbers are radically different, rising from 100 employees in 2013 to 153 today, with about 90 million euros of investment.

The next 10 years of Rubiera Special Steel

The investments made in the first decade of Rubiera Special Steel’s life will be the foundations of the near future: in fact, most of the interventions concerned three key aspects of company life such as safety in the workplace, revision of internal logistics to increase productivity and eliminate downtime, and energy efficiency.

Without these investments, the goals achieved in terms of corporate growth would have been impossible, just as ISO 45001 certification for safety or ISO 50001 for energy efficiency could not have been achieved, in addition, of course, to ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 for environmental management.

These are undoubtedly cornerstones for the company's strategy, which has accumulated an important competitive advantage that will enable it, together with the entire team, to take on challenges that promise to be difficult, but also motivating.